How to Avoid Spam Filters
Tips, Tools and Tricks Help You Increase Email Delivery Rates.

#1 Avoid Spam Filters with Email Delivery Whitelist Instructions

Being whitelisted by your readers is the very first step to increasing your email delivery rates. If your email address is whitelisted you usually avoid spam filters (some) altogether. Use my email delivery whitelist generator to create a landing page for your new subscribers.

#2 Way to Avoid Spam Filters: Avoid Spam Filter Words

Content filters check for the most commonly used words and phrases used in known spam. Spam Assassin is the most prevalent. Before you send any email you should check with this spam word content checker for illegal spam words. Also here is the most current version of spam filter words from the latest version of Spam Assassin.

#3 Way to Avoid Spam Filters: Setup your Email Properly

We all use some type of mailing software so all these setup options are pretty universal.

Use a consistent email from address and from name and stick with it. When your subscribers whitelist your email address the from name is part of that process. When you are whitelisted by the user it enables images in Hotmail, AOL online, Gmail and Yahoo. Changing your from settings around will just make you look like a spammer when your email is opened, no grapics showing, links disabled and a from address they do not know. Real good way to get the "this is spam button" clicked on you.

I get email from many marketers that did not enter a from name when they set up their software so they appear in my email client with the default entry "admin." By the way "admin" is a very popular spam from name.

Use a tag line at the beginning of the subject. [like this]. At the beginning of all my subject lines I add a tag line [Get to the inbox] and then the subject line itself.

Ask for the first and last name at the sign up form.

If I see both my first and last name in an email I can be pretty darn shure that I signed up for that newsletter.

#4 Way to Avoid Spam Filters: Configure Your DNS Properly

Yahoo now blocks all email from dynamic IP addresses. Do not send out your newsletter from a database on your computer. If you are just getting started sending email, do it right and use the Email Autorepsonder I do.

#5 Avoid Spam Filters when you Enable Email Authentication, SPF, DomainKeys, DKIM, SenderId.

With all the new email technolgies out there which ones should you be using? All of them! SPF, DomainKeys, DKIM and SenderID should all be enabled and set up correctly to increase your email delivery. If you do not know how to do this it is just on small part of "Get it to the Inbox!"

#6 Avoid Spam Filters with a Good Email Reputation

ISPs in their never ending battle to save bandwidth and delete our legitimate emails have all now adopted what is called "Email Reputation." This is a scoring system that pulls all the spam filter results together into one number. If your reputation is high, your email goes thru. Fall below a certain number and you go in the spam bin or worse. In email reputation is what my ebook is about.

#7 Avoid Spam Filters by Geting Whitelisted by the Big ISPs

Whitelisting lets you send more email per hour, keeps you out of the spam bin and gets more email delivered. It also increases your email reputation score. All the major ISPs are detailed in my book. FBLs, whitelists and contact information for the postmasters and how to get whitelisted by Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

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