Monthly Archives: October 2014

Gmail Inbox Emails Appearing In Google Search

After playing with this, I am convinced this is an “OK Google” phone / Google Glass command.

You can replicate this from your phone by saying “OK Google” then “My Inbox” (on Android 4.3 or above) or search it from with the search text my inbox or voice search by saying my inbox to replicate this for your self.

Image Google search for the term my inbox...

My own result, logged into Google for the search “My Inbox”… (click for full size)

IMPORTANT: When you click these results, you get a new Gmail interface, displaying the result outside of Gmail and it loads REAL fast. Give it a try for yourself.

No amount of playing with this could produce what I wanted, returning a searchable result from my inbox, by adding keywords to the Google term, my inbox. Being able to search your email / Gmail from Google search via a voice command would be quite valuable in the WEARable market in my opinion.

My question is will we see this begin to develop more over time?

Gmail 5.0 Wants All Your Email

On a post from the Android Police blog, Google says they won’t be releasing Gmail 5.0 for Android until the official Lollipop Android OS release and update. (post is below the video)

While we won’t be distributing the updated Gmail app until the official update is released, we will be sharing a goody from the new onboarding process, which shows some of the new awesomeness coming to the app in its overhaul.

IMPORTANT: Notice this app is using the Gmail tabbed, Social, Inbox and Promotions tabs. Will this be the default with Gmail 5.0 for Lollipop Androids? Watch the video again now, closely…

Also notice in the App store, Gmail currently has 1.5 million reviews and somewhere between 1 billion and 5 billion installs.