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Your #1 2015 Goal: Get A List!

Right to the point here today: Marlon Sanders in his latest newsletter for Christmas hit me right on the head.

Marlon said your #1 goal in 2015 is to
“Get A List!”
And I will tell you why…

Image of you drinking champagne in 2015 because you got a list now...

I Bet You Don’t Think Owning A Little List Can Matter?

In the spring of 2007 when I had just left a disaster of a relationship, I got hit over the head and robbed of my billfold containing my rent money. After going to answer a knock at the door, I came to, standing in my living room.

Blood covered the front of my shirt, my shorts, maroon rivulets dried on my bare legs from my knees to my ankles; crusted, blood had soaked the laces of my Nikes. Two hours had passed since I went to answer the door and I will never know what happened that night. All I know for sure is the blood was not mine because there was not a mark on me.

After I slept off the concussion -from what we believe was being hit over the head with the yellow pages that had been delivered earlier that day outside my door- I got evicted the next week unable to pay rent and I had finally seen my first startup fail for good. Later when I had just rented a room and broke down getting a J-O-B waiting tables at an Outback Steak House, I no sooner got fired after I had enough of an abusive drunk of a General Manager. All in the period of one month.

Kinda funny when you think about it, an Internet guy getting hit over the head with the Yellow Pages, huh?

I got myself together and put my head down in my little rented room. What materialized was the very first version of Get It To The Inbox, my first Email Delivery book. And with a mighty list of only 454 readers, I sold $700 worth of a $37 report and never looked back since.

If I had not had that small list only God knows what would have become of me. And if you don’t have a list -no matter how small- as you can see, size matters not in the least. But you need to change that right now, today. Because your buyers are on the list, not on your social following. Your list actually works like a strainer in your sales funnel, segregating buyers from “Looky Loos.”

Back To What Marlon Said…

If you don’t know Marlon Sanders, well, he has been doing this thing we call IM (building big lists and marketing learning centers to them) since before I or probably you had the Internet.

But here is why you need a list now -not later- if you do anything online from running a dry cleaning store to SEO to consulting to selling your own products like I do.

Why? Because a list will out perform a social following every time. It’s traffic on demand and costs so little to maintain. If you don’t get shares and +1s and Likes on your social posts, your own followers won’t even see them no matter how many follow you. That is true today of both G+’s homefeed and the Facebook top stories news feed.

If you have not noticed, everybody is turning away from teaching social to teaching some other form of marketing. Just look in your Inbox, and probably in the Gmail Promotions tab, you will see everyone from Ryan Deiss on down talking:

–Facebook Ads and Facebook Retargeting–

Regardless of if you hate Facebook or love the darn thing, this is a concept, not an absolute.

  • Everybody says advertise on Facebook, or convert your social following to something else, right?
  • But what are you going to advertise via Facebook -If- you don’t have a list?
  • Where is your traffic going to go if you don’t have a landing page to sign up to that list?

Your Facebook page? Your Google+ profile? Your LinkedIn group? The days of using big social traffic for free is over, and what is left is not going to be around that much longer as far as I can tell.

You are already faced with advertising on Facebook because your page has no reach.

So now you are supposed to advertise your page, to get more followers, so you can pay to boost the posts on said pageSo the leads you already paid for see your posts? You have got to be kidding me!

This is what I advertise:

My Email Delivery Newsletter…

Want something prettier, then get Lead Pages. Want something simple and cheap but effective? Pay somebody on to create a page like mine above. I mean- You can afford $5 right?

Now there is a 99% chance since you are on my list, you use Google+.

Google+ is in the same boat. Here’s why–

I built a following of over 50,000 on Google+ between July 2011 and late 2013. And that was my big mistake

I thought the good times would never end! Since I had a following twice the size of any other marketer on Google+ at the end of 2012, one built faster and more active than anyone else in that time? My ego began to get the better of me.

So I never focused completely on converting that hot fresh following into my list. But now my early following has gone back to Facebook. Spent the last 30 days on FB to test that and it is true. Not bashing G+ in any way, but that is the reality of it, at least for my niche. Luckily I did convert a large part of that G+ following to my list, but not until the third year in 2013.

But you just might be stuck like a truck. Because you can’t do anything but keep posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ -Because you do not have a list.

And there are so many things you could be doing besides spending your time on G+ or Facebook. Like maybe landing a new consulting client? Build out a new report as in incentive to opt into your list? Do a webinar to your social following as an affiliate to a great product owner? (Notice I did not say interview a well known authority? But instead interview an expert with an affiliate program?)

Everything I just mentioned makes you money :]

Get A List Quick Start Guide

Go get AWeber now here… Almost free! $1 – 30 day trial and only $19 after, just click the Order tab on the top right.

Don’t listen to the email marketing experts that say you need an “Eye catching” email template to send email to your list. In fact you are more apt to go to the Gmail promotions tab if you do use flashy, heavy HTML templates and they often don’t convert either. If you came here from my list, you can see all it takes is a great subject line and some body copy that does not apologize for being in your Inbox. Not much more…

Get someone that writes basic HTML code to create you an opt-in page from the code AWeber supplies you for the sign up form. Or head to and get that service. (no that is not an affiliate link, I code my own pages)

NOTE: You can become an affiliate and resell both Lead Pages and AWeber yourself after you become a member. Nice back end to every one of your clients too! At the very least your affiliates will pay you back for what you spend.

Your local business clients want to use email and own a list. They just don’t know it yet. Get Aweber, get your Lead Pages set up and show them the way, will ya!

Be sure if you use the Fiver option, to get a mobile version too like this….

Check that out on your phone, built just for mobile browsers. Real easy to do. If the Fiver person you may elect to use cannot understand how to make you a mobile version like that, then move onto the next guy.

Then take 25 minutes and watch me show Mari Smith how NOT to go the the Gmail Promotions tab in this short video on the top of the Email Delivery Action Page here…

Spend your time getting set up in the next week and skip posting Christmas and New Years pictures to your social following and change the way you do business for the rest of your businesses life.

You may just find you have been hit over the head…

That is more than enough to keep you busy between now and New Years Eve. Get going today and you can drink champagne all night long on the 31st- Guilt free too!

Happy New Years – Chris

The Future Of Email Delivery Is NOW

In the very early days of Google, one of the founders of the magazine WIRED, asked a very young Sergy Brin: “Why are you launching yet another search engine, when we have a perfectly great one, Alta Vista?”

As the story goes, Sergey Brin replied: “We are not building a search engine, we are building an AI.”

That was sometime around the turn of this century, back when everyone was in a panic about the DotCom crash. Seems Google even back then was building what I am about to describe to you now.

And as an email marketer, you better listen up, because I am not talking science fiction here, I am talking Gmail, your number one Inbox that you have got to get to!

Image of Google datacenter servers row

And that is the same thing every major computing giant is and has been doing for some time now, from Facebook to Amazon, Apple partnered with IBm to Microsoft and of course Google. These are the “Big 5” in computing today. And they intend to stay that way.

Why Google Is Not What You Think

Some may say Google is an advertising platform, the biggest in the world in fact: And that is true.

Some may say Google is the coolest thing on Earth, that Google just loves us all, and gives us all these cool free tools. And to the average user all the way up to Google Apps users; That is true too.

Cutting to the chase, what is Google really doing?

Google, just like Microsoft, Apple + IBM, Facebook and Amazon (yes Amazon), are out to create a completely unique experience from Google search to YouTube, from Google+ to Gmail, from beginning to end. All controlled by an AI – Artificial Intelligence. And yes I HATE that term because it is misleading and has become a marketing term, used to lure investors, get attention on blogs and social posts and raise stock prices. A rant for another time and place…

While fast and simple, but yet very effective Inbox filters like SaneBox
are simply trained by you and based on your address book and email sending history, the big players in today’s online cloud based computing model have much more up their sleeves.

The plan for these “Big 5 of Computing” as I call them, is to be able to learn from you, to model your actions, predict them and create a computing experience that delivers what you need before you ask for it. The EdgeRank algorithm that filters your Facebook feed in advance for you is a good example of this at work.

Or if you use Google+, the home feed you see is filtered by 50% depending on how many people you follow. Twitter is rumored to follow suit and display your Tweets all judged, filtered and delivered or not, via interest and relevancy filters. And on your phone you can see Google Now using Google predictive and personal modeling algorithms at work too.

Gmail is no different either

So we are no longer talking spam keywords, or out going link URLs, or even linking to a ClickBank offer in your Gmails. We are talking Intent, Context, recipient conversations, friends of said recipients and what conversations they were in. We are talking interest graphs, relevancy scores and your history of +1s, shares, comments, mutes of G+ posts, and the positivity or negativity of such shares and comments.

The earliest term I have heard describing this was “Signal Economy” and I first heard of that phrase thru John Blossom: Here is his article “While You Were Out, The Signal Economy Trumped The Content Industry. Again .”

And that is how I am looking at “Getting to the Inbox” today. Not a static set of spam filters that you have to avoid, but instead a set of signals that tell Google your email is important to the particular and unique recipient.

Mike Elgan says in his article Why Google wants to replace Gmail

The fact is that Google, and companies like Google, hate unmediated anything.

The reason is that Google is in the algorithm business, using user-activity “signals” to customize and personalize the online experience and the ads that are served up as a result of those signals.

Google exists to mediate the unmediated. That’s what it does.

That’s what the company’s search tool does: It mediates our relationship with the Internet.

Then, after a week with Inbox, Mike Elgan returns to say how much better than Gmail Inbox is…

Your to-do list and email integration is a joy. Your Material Design is so easy to look at. Not only are reminders integrated into the email system, the email system itself is treated like to-do items. When you’re done with either an email or a reminder, it doesn’t feel like you’re deleting email. It feels like you’re checking off a to-do item or filling something away for later.

And speaking of reminders — that autocomplete when you set up a reminder is amazing. I just type in buy and it offers a grocery list. Any reminder shows a list of possible completed items, which — if correct — I can just choose.

And how do you manage to do that voodoo that you do while retaining my old Gmail filters and folders? And you let me set up new filters without making it seem like that’s what I’m doing. It really just feels like I’m filing things into the right categories, then I can tell each category what I want it to do.

And yes, this mediation comes from Google+. It comes from Google Play. It factors in what music you listen to, what books you read on Google Books, what YouTube videos you watch, what YouTube videos you click away from in mid play, what pre-roll ads you watch and which ones you skip. What AdSense and AdWords ads you click, what Google display ads you click elsewhere on the web and what remarketing ads you respond to. Google knows what products you buy, what you don’t buy and what products you prefer, from cat food to what brand of cell phone you carry.

Just go to your local Walgreens and watch people in line ahead of you swiping their Androids to pay with Google Wallet and Apple Pay now too.

Google knows what blogs your leads own, even if it is just through Whois and DNS lookups, what they write about and what and who they link to, what Blogs they read and what Blogs they trust. Google knows brands in email that your subscribers trust elsewhere and can pretty much predict what emails they want to see and what ones you don’t; Before you ever even load

Whether your leads read your emails on an iPhone or an Android, Google knows where you go and who you go there with. Google knows what restaurants they like, which locations they prefer, when they are most likely to go there and of course, since you buy Apps through the Google Android Play store if you carry and Android, they know your credit card number and your billing address.

I mean, you do buy Apps don’t you? You do store a credit card with either iTunes or Google Play right? To initialize your Android phone at the Cell store, you did have to enter your Google username and password? Or maybe you are some secret agent type that carries a burner phone and no one knows who you are? Yeah, that’s how it is. You actually have privacy from the Big 5, huh 007?

And that is what Google knows NOT just about you and your subscribers, but about every single person on the planet that uses Google. Even if you just Google terms not logged into Google, Google still has a pretty good idea who you are, just by your IP address. So does every site on the Internet.

Just like Google knows a lot about your email list, via your email server’s IP address.

Now, think about how much Google knows about you, then take that and multiply it by your email list, then divide by the number of Gmail addresses on it, then multiply that by how many times you email each month. And now you have a percentage of your list that Google basically controls, can personalize more and more in the coming years, and will be personalizing more in the coming months.

Hence, for better email delivery you had best be forming at least general relationships with these people, from the chapter on Google’s Dynamic Spam Filters And Gmail Tabs

When it comes to getting past Microsoft filters behind the scenes on corporate Microsoft Exchange email servers, and not just at the and domains, you had best be on Twitter and on Facebook. Remember that BING search and Microsoft email delivery has access to the relationships you have at those two properties.

Do a BING search for one of your major search terms. In the side bar of BING you will see Twitter and Facebook friends and recommended users. Even if you blew off that option when you began using the last few versions of Windows, your email list did not. Especially if they are using Outlook, Office 360 or still have a Hotmail address.

Enter Google Inbox: Gmail Meets Google NOW Meets HAL

Screenshot of Inbox by Gmail permissions on install

Just look at the permissions that installing Google Inbox asks for: Identity (the app needs that to function), your Contacts, your Calendar and your Location. Why on earth would an email app need access to your calendar and your location? Because Google wants to customize your email by what you are doing, where you are doing it and who you are doing it with.

This kind of data is the basis for contextual and intent driven apps. As an email marketer I find that absolutely fascinating and highly useful. If your Google Calendar says that you are busy, would you want your phone to be pushing updates to your Google Glass, your WEARable or your Apple Watch? Well me neither!

The more Google can help me first not bother my subscribers, then go on to get my email in front of them when they are most likely to want and need to see it? Well I am totally down with that, aren’t you?

While Google Now is the #1 personal digital assistant on Android phones, Microsoft is coming on strong with CORTANA and real time alerts that will be just as good if not better than anything Google is and will be fielding in this arena. DO NOT let the Apple or Google fanboy in you, or the same on social posts deter you from looking to this future.

You maybe hating on the new Android watches and the 2015 release of the Apple Watch but mark my words, in the coming years Google Wear and Apple’s Watch will be what makes or breaks email open rates and content marketing.

Jack Humphrey commented on my post: “The Death Of The Search Engine” that: “…for me, is the ironic “so what?” factor on these wearables. This is actually the first time in human history when we were “over it” before there was an “It.” The watches are only marginally better than Glass for UI and what you can tolerate doing with them before you wake up and realize you’re wearing the Kool-aid and not drinking it.” And that is true, this new highly customized world is hard to understand and Jack is very right. But that is exactly why many marketers are not going to “Get this” until it is too late.

Screenshots of Google Now alerts buttons in Google Search: Nov. 3rd 2014

Instead, imagine being the marketer that gets his posts, his emails, his Tweets and the like sent to the wrists of his subscribers? Not sent to their phones that they soon will far more rarely take out of their pockets. Not buried on the desktop computers and email clients like Outlook and Gmail, and definitely not to SaneBox style filters, not to the Gmail promotions tab and definitely not to the spam folder.

Either way, at the Inbox, on your wrist or on your phone, building large social graphs that are not just stranded on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but instead are directly hardwired to your email list as you will learn in just one chapter here on Email Delivery Jedi it’s your email sever reputation AND your TrustRank within these intelligent networks and algorightms that will be the future of email delivery and the future of making money online.

So… To Sum Up The Future Of Email Delivery–

  • Having a hard coded relationship with your email leads on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is already a must. Now it is a must know secret to email delivery.
  • The big 5 of computing, 4 of which control most of the email delivery your list currently enjoys, are going to use demographics, intent and contextual algorithms, relationships on social networks and more right now.
  • Artificially intelligent machines that model your behavior are going to bring a web 5.0 to life that completely customizes your experience at the Inbox and every other application they control to new levels.
  • The time to build these new relationships with your email list is now, not later when your competition is doing the same!

So it is going to be more important that ever, as social traffic becomes more and more a pay to play world, as the machines decide who sees what and when, that the money is still in the list, and that list has got to Get It To The Inbox now! Not later, not after you get done on Facebook, not after you send that next Tweet, not after you record your next YouTube video. Now!

Email Delivery Jedi brand logo...

Email Delivery: Is It Broken?

When I was a small child we had moved into a brand new house, and back then the yard did not come pre-landscaped.

It mostly came with gophers, sand-burrs and bare dirt.

So my Dad did a lot of digging, in the midst of this, his long handled shovel snapped off at the head and he landed on his butt.

We got in the station wagon, and went down to Ace Hardware, bought a new oak hardwood handle, dug the end of the old handle out of the spade’s head, set the new handle in place and we went back to work. I was four years old so I watched for moral support…

In today’s world we throw the shovel head out and go to Home Depot for a new shovel entirely. Have you ever seen handles for sale without the business end attached at Home Depot?

Yeah, I am old and it was 1968.

But this is how most emailers are looking at going to the Promotions tab in Gmail:

New tools image...

“It’s broken, I can’t fix it so I am buying a new shovel…”

Groupon is a good example of this. When their open rates suddenly plumeted –by double digit declines–

When one of the world’s largest emailers lost $2.6 Million in revenue in just 3 months…

Well they threw up their hands, said “The shovel is broken” and went to Home Depot for a new one.

In their case they jumped the email ship and turned instead to a mobile App.

But they never bothered to look at what was going on, look at their own employees Gmail rimary Inbox and think about why some very commercial emails go to the Primary Tab while some others go to the Promotions tab.

When Gmail Tabs rolled out last year, my list engagement plummeted, and the end of last year was NOT a very profitable one.

So here’s the thing: The Promotions Tab is not a death sentence, because Gmail is dynamic, algorithmic and Google is out to deliver email to People.

Yes, Gmail is People!

And if Gmail has an algorithm behind it, based on People instead of an Inbox, then I knew I could use the mind of the machines to my advantage.

I mean after all, isn’t Chris Lang smarter than “The Machines?”

So I dug down, started doing what I have always been good at, looking for where the algorithm allows me to shine through.

Look for the foot-print of the successful, and of course the foot-print of the unsuccessful. One side feeds the other…

In a world where many are far to busy to go to Ace Hardware and fix that shovel that served you so well for decades, I have identified 10 ways to get your email in the Primary Inbox, not one small step from the spam folder as many Gmail users believe the Promotions tab to be.

Sure you can ask Gmail users to whitelist you to the Primary Inbox tab, but a ReturnPath study said that it is highly unlikely that enough users will do that to make a difference.

Right now in Internet Marketing lists, there are two really big names, and I mean the BIGGEST that are going to the Primary Tab with their huge lists and with flat out pitch emails.

They have no idea they are doing this right, it’s just dumb luck for them, but for me and you IT IS Gold!

I detail what they are doing right, have exact evidence that it has worked for my list too and then go on to show you 10 more reasons why I have my list back to profitability and in the Primary Tab in Gmail.

In fact this is easy to do –works hand in hand– with what you are already doing online and Gmail loves it. Don’t think for a minute I would ever mess with Google with blackhat tactics.

Google is my home for my entire business, it has been for 7 years now and that is not going to change anytime soon.

So here you go, this is a piece of the arsenal every consultant should have and it is built not for those who send email from their own server, this is built from the ground up for 2015 and for those who send email from AWeber like I do or InfusionSoft, MailChimp or any reputable senders.

Discover 20 New Ways To Get It To The Inbox right now, right here…

Be sure to read this now, since I am laying out how the Internet is about to change yet again with what I am calling Web 5.0.

Yeah, we skipped 4.0 and went right to the future with this one,

– Chris