Whitelist instructions are key to email delivery and easy with this free tool.

A recent whitelist study showed that only 22 percent of all email newsletters gave specific instructions to whitelist their newsletter. That is four out of five sites not offering any whitelist instructions to their subscribers. Talk about a missed opportunity.

I just recently (5/01/2008) have completly rewritten this page generator. It now includes more ISPs, Blackberries, SpamCop (yes SpamCop has a whitelist) who is now heavily used by Microsoft and ReturnPath, McAffee and Norton. If you have any additions or updates to offer, plese contact me at the top right. You can see my generated whitelist instructions here...

Whitelisting allows your subscribers to add your email address to a list of sites NOT to be filtered. It just doesn't give it priority, it sometimes avoids the filters altogether! Whitelisting used to bypass filters completely, 100% of the time.

In Hotmail, email whitelisting adds the sender to the “Safe senders” list. At Yahoo! email whitelisting assures the mail appears in the inbox rather than the Bulk folder. At AOL, Gmail and Hotmail email whitelisting enables HTML, clickable links and graphics. Without whitelisting your HTML emails appear with just placeholders and text emails appear with the links enabled.

Enter your information below to create a detailed set of email whitelist instructions for all major ISPs, mobile devices and spam filters. No information is recorded, it only creates a web landing page for you.

Your email from name:  

* required!

This is your from name and appears under the "From:" column in your subscriber's inbox. You can use your business name, publication or your own name like I do. This appears in my emails like this From: Chris Lang < me@keywebdata.com >.

From: email address:  

* required!

This is the "From:" address portion of your email. This is the address that a receipient replies to and this is the address that the subscriber would whitelist. In my emails it appears like this "From: Chris Lang < me@keywebdata.com >."

Your Newsletter's Name:  

* required!

This is the name of your newsletter. You probably use the name of your newsletter or autoresponder series in the welcome email you send when a subscriber signs up. This will appear not only at the top of the instructions list but also in many of the instructions so your new subscriber knows what to look for in their inbox or the junk folder. This is important so enter it accurately.

Static Subject Line Text:  

Not required This is a tag line you add to the begining of all your email subject lines. Mine appears at the head of all my emails like this: [Get it to the Inbox]. It helps my email be easily identified in the inbox.

Save the page that results from the "Generate Instructions" button by..
clicking: "file"
then "save as" (on the menu bar at the top left of your browser)
Then save the generated web page with a .htm or .html(replacing the .php) file extension to My Documents on your machine.

Just add it to your website and link to it in every email.

Please leave the link at the bottom in tact as this represents over a hundred hours of work that I offer for free. - Chris Lang

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