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Just because your newsletter is not going to the spam folder currently, does not mean you won't still end up in the spam folder from time to time; often due to the content or the URLs in a particular email. Also if you are currently having delivery problems, asking your subscribers to whitelist your email is the best way to increase delivery and drag a poorly performing list back to a healthy inbox performance...

Whitelisting allows your subscribers to add your email address to a list of sites NOT to be filtered. It just doesn't give it priority; Whitelisting will bypass filters completely, almost 100% of the time.

As of February, 8th, 2015, I have completely updated the email delivery whitelist instructions generator. It's built just for mobile browsers with the thumb in mind rather than the mouse. If you have any additions or updates to offer, please contact Chris Lang.

You can see my own generated whitelist instructions here...

It won't take you long to realize most other whitelist instructions are woefully outdated and inaccurate. Are yours?

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This form opens in a new tab and it will give you a chance to see how I integrate my own white list instructions with my list!

How to use this tool:

Enter your information below to create a detailed set of email whitelist instructions for all major ISPs, mobile devices and spam filters. No information is recorded, it only creates a web landing page for you, that you can download and host on your own site.

Hence this page should be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer so you can save the resulting page to your own site.

Your email "From:" text;

* required!

This is your from name and appears under the "From:" column in your subscriber's Inbox. It is important to use the exact from name text you use in the from field in your emails. This will appear in your whitelist instructions that you are about to generate. In my case, I would add "Chris Lang" to this field.

Your "From:" email address;

* required!

This is the "From:" email address portion of your email. This is the address that all email filters rely upon to add contact information to their email clients as contacts. This is the email address that the subscriber would whitelist. In my case I would add:

Your brand name;

* required!

This is brand name you want to appear at the top of the page announcing "Your Brand's Email Whitelist Instructions" as the headline and in the title tag.

How To Save The Resulting Page

NOTE: You MUST use Firefox to save your whitelist page...

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers have seen fit to take away the menu bar. And you can't save this file to the phone.

So you must use Firefox to save this file to your own desktop or laptop. This file must be saved via the menu bar to get links to your own site. If you are experiencing your saved file retaining links to this site? Go back and re-save the file with a destop browser. The menu bar if hidden is revealed on your browser in Windows by pressing the ALT key.

  1. Once you have entered the from address and from name text above, click the "Create My Whitelist" button below.
  2. This will open your whitelist page in a new tab.
  3. On the new page, click "File" in your menu bar (you may have to press the "alt" key to show the menu bar in Windows 7 & 8)
  4. On the file menu select "Save as" and save the file as: whitelist.html
  5. This will save the file to your local machine.
  6. You can now FTP the file to your own site.

To FTP this page, just use the file transfer utility in your Cpanel / hosting dashboard.

Image of saving the whitelist file via the menu bar

NOTE: The file contains no tracking code or scripts. I would suggest adding your own Google Analytics tracking code to the page. It is pure HTML so you don't have to worry about creating images and the CSS that formats that page is also right in your new page. This page is coded in mind, with your own designer being able to make changes easily if needed.

Where whitelist instructions really become most effective is when you redirect to them from your email list sign up form, before your new subscriber even heads off to look for your first email or double opt-in confirmation email. Also I suggest linking to your whitelisting page from the first email and also in the footer of your website and then in every email you send to your list.

Please leave the link at the bottom in-tact as a professional courtesy. This generator represents over a hundred hours of work that I offer for free. - Chris Lang

DISCLAIMER: The email whitelist generator is offered "As is" even though I make every effort to update it frequently. By using this generator and hosting the whitelist instructions on your site, you agree that, Chris Lang and or Key Web Data LLC is in no and any way responsible for any loses due to using this tool in any shape or form. This is not legal or accounting advice. We are not lawyers nor do we play one on TV. All Trademarks ® are the property of their respective owners. We are in no way associated with any of the brands, websites or applications quoted here.

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