Are You A Social Media Narcissist?

Image of Tony Soprano, social narcissist

It’s easy to tell if you are a social media narcissist, here’s how…

You start your computer, while it boots you pour the first cup of coffee to start your day.

You sit down, sipping on the steaming cuppa.

Then you open the browser and make the biggest mistake that any business owner can–

You load Twitter, Facebook or Goolge+ first thing. Because just like Tony Soprano you want to see what people are saying about you!

Or you want to see how many people followed you yesterday. And yeah, I was guilty of being a social narcissist in 2011 and 2012 because I was getting 300 new followers -at the minimum- a day.

Most never got why Tony waddled down the driveway to get the paper. Or why he would flip through the front pages of each section there at the end of the driveway. You were probably misled because if “The Family” did appear in the newspaper, he was usually ended up screaming at who got them attention.

But really, Tony Soprano was a narcissist. If The Sopranos were made today, Tony would have been checking Twitter on his phone each morning. Can you imagine a Sopranos of 2015? Christopher, Silvio, Paulie and Ralphie would be all about who was trending on Twitter each day!

But today? I am no longer a social narcissist. Why?

Because now I open my email first thing.

Now I want to see how many people signed up to my email list via my new Whitelist Generator landing page.

Another great lead funnel is on Stop The Fights. Take a look that this piece of lead funnel brilliance. See if you can decode how that one works.

Mornings these days are still spent starting with a cuppa…

But how I judge my success is no longer gauged by the numbers generated by some social site.

Instead I judge success by the number generated by my email list at :]

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