AWeber Links Disabled by Gmail (temporarily)

Before you all freak out over this, it’s a false positive, I just got off the phone with AWeber and they are working with Gmail to clear this in a few hours…

This is a very short term block due to a single user sending (probably) a link to a hacked blog.

Here is what it looks like via Ryan Lee’s email today.

AWeber emails links disabled

And no, Ryan Lee is NOT the offender, just the victim of a Gmail drive by…

This will only affect your emails for a short period of time and only today.

SOLUTION: Don’t use Aweber link tracking today in your emails for now, and let AWeber get this False Positive cleared. AWeber assured me on the phone this will be cleared in a few hours.

Here is the official AWeber response:

Update – We have disabled all links redirecting to problematic URLs, and we are actively engaged in conversations with Google to have the alerts removed from emails sent through our service.
Jul 28, 09:37 EDT

Identified – We have identified an isolated incident of a website that uses AWeber has been infected by malware. As a response, Google has marked all links from AWeber customers using click tracking (redirecting through as potential malware. We are working with Google to clear the misapplied alert as well as the AWeber customer to resolve the isolated malware incident. Please know that the AWeber system has not been infected by malware. We apologize for any concern or inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for your patience.
Jul 28, 09:11 EDT

You will see a lot of bashing going on today. Don’t listen, AWeber is a solid mailer. This could have happened to any ESP – application.

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