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Facebook Email by invite only, non friends are blocked by default and more…

Zuckerberg says “But it’s not email…”

“It’s not e-mail. It handles e-mail in addition to Facebook messages, and Facebook IM, and other IM and SMS and all the other different ways that you want to communicate,” Zuckerberg said. “It’s true, people are going to be able to have Facebook.com e-mail addresses, but it’s not e-mail.”



    • Incoming mail to a @facebook.com account will be blocked by default if you are not mutual friends on Facebook.


    • From the data that had been researched by Compete Pulse, the growth of web-based email users as a whole decreased by approximately 11% from year to year.


    • By this study, email will cease to expand at all within less than nine years, and the decline of email has already begun.


    • Zuckerberg said no voice or video chat will be available soon, but that option may come into play depending on demand for it.


    • As marketers, those of us who create large followings on popular content delivery streams, think Twitter, YouTube, Google Buzz and Facebook, will be positioned to better survive and even thrive into the next decade.


    • In my personal testing in the last 3 years, email still converts better than any social medium, the idea is to get your social following into your autoresponder / email list.


    • If you are going to accept Facebook email addresses in your autoresponder forms, stressing how to whitelist your email address will be very important.


  • Want to try Facebook email for yourself? Invite only….

Let us know what you think about Facebook’s Inbox in the comments below…

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  1. Hey Chris — I thought this tweet from @madeupstats was rather fitting: “Facebook’s new ‘social inbox’ is set to take an impressive 75% share of the market for inane drivel posted by people you never see anymore.”

    I’m 100% with you on the effectiveness of email marketing and focusing on building a permission-based email opt-in list. By using social networks, we can certainly expand our reach dramatically like never before – but, continue to focus on having a 1:1 connection with people who want to hear from us directly.

    What does have to change with email marketing, imho, is the tone, the style, the format. Less is more. Personalization is key. And, of course, we can now glean so much data from social sites to round out our CRM systems too. Plus, provide opportunities for subscribers to share content all over their own social profiles right from the email.

    Anyway, we’ll see what this new Facebook email system does. I’m thinking the average person will not be giving up their primary email address in favor of a @facebook.com one.

    • Tim
    • November 16, 2010

    Well, I don’t think many people are going to give up their email addresses right away. For example, if I order something or pay a bill online, I dont want the confirmation email going to facebook.

    Socially, it may take hold with most people. But it will never really be a real substitute for having a real email addresss. after all, you have to log into facebook with your own email. Time will tell on that one though.

    • Sam
    • November 16, 2010

    The concept is great. All conversations with each person (no matter what the medium) in one place.

    I don’t use facebook much because of the garbage games, etc…but this will definitely get me to organize my account and start using it again.

    If I’m able to send/receive email from a bunch of other accounts through it – which is what I use gmail for now – AND if the user interface is better (not optimistic on that one though) then it really would be a winner…at least for me.

  2. You know if Facebook tries very hard, they will eventually end up with…


    They are in danger of making themselves look the same as what people already had elsewhere.

  3. I think if any company can pull this off it’s Facebook – they don’t have customer preference anymore -they have customer insistence.

    People don’t stay on for almost an hour now because they feel obligated to go through all their replies and pokes, they stay on because FB has become the new Crack, and they’re hooked.

    And who knows, it may actually be a good idea. If it isn’t, it’ll at least get people thinking like Google Wave did

  4. Hi Chris
    Facebook can’t lose no matter what they do. IMHO they are the only real threat to Google (if there is such a thing). FB would have to be my fave SM tool at the moment (man, that can be taken the wrong way!).
    I like the concept of the FB email and totally agree that email is still the strongest way to convert.
    BTW. We are in great company here. Mari, Andy…
    Good thing I got here before Frank 😉

  5. Well done, Facebook. Now let’s see how it performs!

    It was going to have to come to this… where you just couldn’t possibly get messages from any source unless you asked for it. Can’t wait to create my ‘how to whitelist me’ video for my opt-ins. more work!

      • Chris Lang
      • November 19, 2010

      Jeffrey, easiest way to create a whitelist me instructions page is by using my Whitelist Generator

      I will be adding Facebook too this weekend or so, just got instructions….

  6. I think the point of having multiple wyas of communicating to suit the needs of the people communicating is great. I do not really see the difference that a FB mail will provide from a gmail or any other mail for that matter in terms of usability aside that it can be a one stop shop for those that use FB.
    I still have many friends that will not touch FB with a ten foot pole.
    Just as an added thought I find it interesting the rush to get your name and URL etc as they will run out but what happens when the youngster grow up and want to get involved…and what happens when we die? do they get recycled or is everything just left hanging in cyberspace wasteland somewhere?
    Will we have something completely different with no need to have these systems?

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