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Get your blog insurance and make Flo happy

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You would’t go drive around town in a new car with no insurance, right?
You wouldn’t depend on a business that anyone could walk right in, take everything you have, just help themselves and not even say thanks. Would you?

Right now hackers are trying to…

  • Break the password on your blog :[
  • Then just plain have their way with your website (ggrrrrrrrrrrr)

Anyone can use one 20 different content filtering systems to completely block your site and emails to your list!

These are enterprise level online blocklists, not just a local spam filter, when you get listed in these, the whole world blocks your site for no reason.

Then you go cry…

I bet you think this won’t happen to you, don’t ya?

I mean you are one of the good guys, you don’t need to worry about this stuff, right again?
HELL NO that’s not right, my 6 year old domain was blocked in 2008 and I lost everything. Just like that Internet Explorer, Trend Micro and just about every spam filter on Earth blocked me for no reason.
All because some kid with a free browser plugin flagged me as a “Bad Site”…

True story, and it still goes on today.

Can you believe that? I couldn’t… So I got to the bottom of this for you and for me.

I found 20 content filtering systems that completely block your site.

Anyone that knows about this can just type in your URL, click a button and POOF your site can’t be visited in the browser and any emails with your URL in them won’t get delivered.

Your competition could buy this info from me, and do god knows what. Believe me, it happens all the time.
But it’s not just about these blacklists, it’s about the fact that other systems like Internet Explorer’s malicious site filter takes input from these 20 content blocklists and then uses that to block your site on every Microsoft machine in the entire world.

So all it takes is one kid, with a free security plug in that does not like you and if you are NOT INSURED he can with a single click set about the process that will destroy every thing you have.

  • No one will tell you…..
  • No Corporation will send you an email….
  • No salesman will call…..

Your site just suddenly goes dead, traffic takes a long walk off a short pier, and well, you can guess the rest.

I almost lost my entire business in 2008!

In 2008 I went from 8 visitors a day to 30,000 a month. Worked like a dog to build that traffic too.

Then in one month I went from 30,000 visitors a month to less than 3,000, IN 2 Weeks!

All because some kid clicked a button and I wasn’t Insured.

If this happens to you, you can call me like hundreds have since I learned what I am going to share with you today….. And I can fix it :]

But just like bashed in cars, bashed in sites are expensive to fix when you don’t have insurance.

Just a few months ago a shopping cart was blocked for no reason, but because they did not have insurance 1000s of mom and pop sites could not take any payments for weeks.
Get your insurance here now, Mayhem is waiting just around the corner if you don’t go to the link below:

Get your blog insurance here…

Hurry, I am only in the insurance business a few more days, because fixing Mayhem is way more profitable than insuring it…

Picture of email Mayhem

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