Why Even The Slightest Email Spam Filters Matter

6 1/2 Years Ago (to the day) Trend Micro Blocked My Site On A False Positive – I Ignored It As A Small Insignificant Mistake On Their Part And In The End, That Was A Major Mistake On My Part

You see, blocking of any type is indicative of a much larger problem, and usually it only gets worse. Most only think in terms of direct consequences, as I did in 2008.

image of trend micro blocking my site in the browser

Most emailers just want to get off blocklists and proceed to try to get what they see as a “false positive” removed and go back to mailing and making money.

I did the same in 2008. I just wanted to go back to making the $5,000 a week I had worked like a dog to build my business up to back then.

That is a great goal, and sure; we are all here to make money.

But being listed in spam filters -even in a small way- is really a Heads Up moment not to be ignored.

So let’s say you are being blocked in some small way. You will often see other blocking appear in a URL Blocklist later, when your emails send out links to the site. Or use the “from address” that are in the prior supposed “Insignificant” earlier blocking.

And then the slide begins. You begin to see SpamHaus blocking you, you begin to see short term listings in Barracuda Networks, or worse yet, in BackScatter.

But you will never actually -SEE- this occurring. Instead you will see open rates plummet, sales dropping off from your list and of course your CTR rate will plummet.

Now that you have the headache you will begin to look for a cure and guess what? An aspirin is not going to cure this one, it is here for good and it will just keep getting worse.

I have been through this with so many clients over the years. In the end it turns out that it is usually something really stupid and silly. Something totally unrelated to your core business that you would have never thought mattered.

Bottom line here guys, is if you are beginning to see spam filters of ANY type nipping away at your emails? Well then it’s time to sit down with your team, look at your entire business from your subscriber’s standpoint and see what they are seeing.

Why? Because opt in or double opt in list or not: Spam is in the eye of the beholder and it is not you, not the Anti Spam community that is blocking you or even in control of the blocking.

Today more than ever your own subscribers are in control of your email delivery. And when it comes to plying the Enterprise level filters that are out there today?

Well, they will side with not your subscribers that open, click and love your emails. They will side with the machines that say you sent spam.

Want to avoid most filtering altogether? Use this free tool to generate whitelist instructions for your sites!

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    • Geff Ratcheson
    • March 2, 2015

    IMO, it’s all about corporate profits for the filter vendors, the blackmailing reputation vendors (get a dedicated email server for a couple grand a month (or use a home pc as a dedicated email server: WRONG!) & pay them a $5k a month bribe & they guarantee delivery!) & the email list companies (Constant Contact, etc). I would love to see some of these folks in prison along with the spammers.

    And something the reputation companies have never understood: imo it’s safer to pay a knowledgeable host to run a shared server then to try to run a dedicated server by myself without proper intensive training.

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