10 Reasons Why Your Bounce Rate Is Up and Open Rates Are Down…

Two Words: August & September – The 2 Worst Months For Online Engagement

Do people actually read email on vacation?

On a number of threads, a larger number of people keep going on and on and on about how there is something wrong with their Mailer / ESP (mostly AWeber) or what ever mailer they are using, and that it’s the mailer’s fault they are seeing:

1) Higher than normal bounce rates
2) Lower than normal open rates
3) Overall lower email list engagement

BTW- AWeber is experiencing a SpamCop listing- Here is Why You Should Not Care


ALL mailers get listed in filters from time to time. It only lasts a short time, then the block goes away and we are back in the saddle. It could just as easily be everyone’s favorite, Active Campaign. It happens folks, it’s just how email is these days.

IMHO- It has way more to do with the quality of your own list and whether or not these short term listings all mailers / ESPs experience, are showing up as slightly higher bounce rates in your own dashboards.

As far as I can track down the slightly elevated bounce rate in AWeber? It’s Comcast addresses that consume the SpamCop blacklist.

No, there is no reason to get all excited and start posting bad things about AWeber or posting threads about what mailer to move your list- To which: Will return about 50 people saying you should move to Active Campaign.

— Here’s MORE On Why You Should Ignore Lessor Email Performance —

“Cables” as us deliverability guys call them, like COX and Comcast are Notoriously bad for delivery. Don’t get excited if they are the cause of your bounces.

It’s August, people are on vacation and getting ready for back to school season. After 15 years in retail (owned a bar in my 20s) I HATE August and September.

Quit dwelling on the negative! The gentleman that inspired this rant has a list of 8400 and is really worried about 200 bounces. Focus on the people who ARE getting your emails, not the 2.3% that are not because they are using Comcast as their email address.

If you are in a “Civilian” niche that sells during Christmas, getting ready for the Holiday Season now is what you should be doing.

If you are in the Marketing niche of things, getting ready for after Christmas is what you should be doing and spending your time bringing Massive Value to your continuity subscribers and paying clients.

Christmas is a time well known for a drop in members area subscribers, marketing products sales go down and your consulting clients have less time for you.

– The Bottom Line –

If you are experiencing higher negative indicators in your ESP (or mailer as I call Autoresponders) dashboard, then: -Pick Up The Phone And Call Support- You PAY for this, use it!

If you are experiencing REAL email delivery problems? Well by now you know what to do there…

Who You Gonna Call? Better Call Lang….

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