Why Email Open Rates Have No Bearing On Delivery

Email open rate data simply Has To Many Variables Too Be Dependable…

Time of day

Day of week

Subject Line

Mindset of your subscribers

Your own mailing history and pounding the list as most of us do

Gmail Promotions tab (that has nothing to do with the email platform you are on)

Gmail personalized inboxes

Gmail algorithms over all

Mailbox Provider footprint

Christmas Season (Nov 1st till January 2nd)

Summer vacation and kids

Back to school season

Tax day

Presidential election years (as in Trump vs Hillary)

Holiday weekends

In short ATTENTION: Do I have your attention for Christ? (glengarry glen ross reference)

Here is the big one:

Email list quality

Scrub your list with Klean13 and then tag the emails with our 11 indicators of quality.

Next mail only the Verified emails. That will give you accurate open rate data. Because your list quality is the first thing that above all returns inaccurate data.

And list quality is the #1 thing that skews open rate data.

Bottom line: Open rates are an indicator of quality, not a metric that measures delivery…

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