Amazon, Microsoft and IBM Changing The Face Of Email Inboxes

On Wednesday, Amazon Announced WorkMail, A Competitor To Google Apps Gmail Plus Integration To Major Email Clients Like Microsoft Office Outlook

Smart inbox icon image

The price point of $4 per user is going to be the big draw to WorkMail and Amazon. Get the lowdown on the whole Amazon business suite here from Gigaom.

You can sign up to the Amazon WorkMail Preview here if you already have an Amazon AWS account. Or- create a new AWS account and then join the preview. You will need to know your AWS account number to sign up before hand.

IBM’s Verse Email Client Is Due Out To Beta Testers Next Month

You can sign up for the IBM Verse beta here…

Microsoft Acquires To Organize Our Data

Microsoft has agreed to acquire machine learning Equivio , an Israeli-based startup that uses machine learning to sort large amounts of data into relevant groups.

I am expecting an Outlook “Smart Inbox” after a Windows 10 release in 2015. Combine that with easily cheap administration of hosted business email at Amazon and we may really be seeing some changes on how we read and use our Inboxes by 2016! – Chris

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  1. I signed up for the Amazon preview using my AWS account and I see it is only available in the US East N. Virginia right now. Then it is also available in EU: Ireland of all places. I am on the waiting list for my region.

    It might be interesting to see what new services come out, and then how that forces Google to up their game. I mean the last time Microsoft did a big push for changing their email with Outlook it failed miserably. Not to mention Microsoft completely quit their Apps like program that was designed around businesses and your own URL like Google Apps.

    IBM getting back in the game will be interesting too, just as I am sure that Amazon might have something interesting up their sleeve and the price point they are planning is only a $1 or so different that Google’s price point is right now, for monthly service per user. So I wonder how much more attractive that $1 in savings per user will be??

    Let us see what happens, with a so-called ‘smart inbox’ that is not already in Google’s smart inbox system.

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