Comcast Feedback Loop Now Available

Comcast Feedback Loop is Finally Available, Now How About a Real Whitelist?

Comcast Feedback Loop, or FBL, is finally available after being the email delivery nightmare of Yahoo proportions. Guess what, it is powered by Return Path.. But hey, this FBL looks good to me. Now if they would offer an open, real comcast whitelist rather than just the Sender Score Certified, we might not hate you so much Comcast.

From Return Path’s blog:

“We now host feedback loops for Comcast,, and Mailtrust and we are in the process of setting up half a dozen more over the next few months. A large portion of our business has always been to help senders understand how to handle the feedback they’re receiving, so this is a customer support task that we are uniquely capable of handling – and our ISP partners appreciate it.”

Just what is a Feedback Loop or FBL

Let’s say one of your recipients clicks the “report spam” button in Yahoo Mail. A copy of that email is saved in Yahoo’s database and the same thing happens at Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Window Live Mail. The ISP can then use these spam reports to determine your whitelisting eligibility and of course has a direct effect your email reputation.

Feedback loops, or FBLs come into play here for us lowly senders like this. When someone does click the “spam button”, you, get a copy of the report. This does a number of things for you.

It let’s you know that one of your emails is so far off topic / track, unreadable, or just plain sucked that one of your readers clicked the spam button on you.

It allows you to immediately remove this person. Remember, this button clicker did not unsubscribe. They still get your emails! You want to manually remove them NOW.

Feedback loops also allow you to head off any problems with your host, because they are getting a copy of this as well and may take action against your site / hosting with out contacting you. BTW your host is the next person to contact.

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Stefan Pollard Comments on the New Whitelist Email Generator


  1. Hello, for some reason, my emails are getting blocked by some spam filters and I am unsure why.

      • Chris Lang
      • August 6, 2010

      If you have no skills at all when it comes to delivering email, the best solution is my tutorial on how to avoid spam filters. Honestly, this is the place to start.

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