Email Delivery: Is It Broken?

When I was a small child we had moved into a brand new house, and back then the yard did not come pre-landscaped.

It mostly came with gophers, sand-burrs and bare dirt.

So my Dad did a lot of digging, in the midst of this, his long handled shovel snapped off at the head and he landed on his butt.

We got in the station wagon, and went down to Ace Hardware, bought a new oak hardwood handle, dug the end of the old handle out of the spade’s head, set the new handle in place and we went back to work. I was four years old so I watched for moral support…

In today’s world we throw the shovel head out and go to Home Depot for a new shovel entirely. Have you ever seen handles for sale without the business end attached at Home Depot?

Yeah, I am old and it was 1968.

But this is how most emailers are looking at going to the Promotions tab in Gmail:

New tools image...

“It’s broken, I can’t fix it so I am buying a new shovel…”

Groupon is a good example of this. When their open rates suddenly plumeted –by double digit declines–

When one of the world’s largest emailers lost $2.6 Million in revenue in just 3 months…

Well they threw up their hands, said “The shovel is broken” and went to Home Depot for a new one.

In their case they jumped the email ship and turned instead to a mobile App.

But they never bothered to look at what was going on, look at their own employees Gmail rimary Inbox and think about why some very commercial emails go to the Primary Tab while some others go to the Promotions tab.

When Gmail Tabs rolled out last year, my list engagement plummeted, and the end of last year was NOT a very profitable one.

So here’s the thing: The Promotions Tab is not a death sentence, because Gmail is dynamic, algorithmic and Google is out to deliver email to People.

Yes, Gmail is People!

And if Gmail has an algorithm behind it, based on People instead of an Inbox, then I knew I could use the mind of the machines to my advantage.

I mean after all, isn’t Chris Lang smarter than “The Machines?”

So I dug down, started doing what I have always been good at, looking for where the algorithm allows me to shine through.

Look for the foot-print of the successful, and of course the foot-print of the unsuccessful. One side feeds the other…

In a world where many are far to busy to go to Ace Hardware and fix that shovel that served you so well for decades, I have identified 10 ways to get your email in the Primary Inbox, not one small step from the spam folder as many Gmail users believe the Promotions tab to be.

Sure you can ask Gmail users to whitelist you to the Primary Inbox tab, but a ReturnPath study said that it is highly unlikely that enough users will do that to make a difference.

Right now in Internet Marketing lists, there are two really big names, and I mean the BIGGEST that are going to the Primary Tab with their huge lists and with flat out pitch emails.

They have no idea they are doing this right, it’s just dumb luck for them, but for me and you IT IS Gold!

I detail what they are doing right, have exact evidence that it has worked for my list too and then go on to show you 10 more reasons why I have my list back to profitability and in the Primary Tab in Gmail.

In fact this is easy to do –works hand in hand– with what you are already doing online and Gmail loves it. Don’t think for a minute I would ever mess with Google with blackhat tactics.

Google is my home for my entire business, it has been for 7 years now and that is not going to change anytime soon.

So here you go, this is a piece of the arsenal every consultant should have and it is built not for those who send email from their own server, this is built from the ground up for 2015 and for those who send email from AWeber like I do or InfusionSoft, MailChimp or any reputable senders.

Discover 20 New Ways To Get It To The Inbox right now, right here…

Be sure to read this now, since I am laying out how the Internet is about to change yet again with what I am calling Web 5.0.

Yeah, we skipped 4.0 and went right to the future with this one,

– Chris

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