Gmail Breaks AWeber Tracking Links

AWeber links are breaking in Gmail due to an unknown line break

The reason I caught this was one of my subscribers replied to my email on an unrealted issue after I sent an email to my Google Friend Connect list with a new update on what Google is really doing.


Just got off the phone with an AWeber admin and we could not replicate the broken URL from emails from my AWeber list to my Gmail address.

AWeber assured me that they go to extreme lengths to make sure the tracking links never get truncated. We believe that it was a keystroke on the part of my Gmail subscriber. We shall see and we will be monitoring this closely.

If any of you can replicate the broken string from your accounts then please let me know and AWeber as well. I will publish any screen shots you care to send and link to any of your own blog posts.

Tom Kulzer just emailed me and assured me that this was a line break introduced by the sender. For the moment we cannot replicate the string truncation.

More tomorrow and I will keep you up to date. This is one time I am glad to very possibly be wrong. – Chris Lang

I checked it at all possible resolutions down to 800 X 600 and it breaks in the same place.

I am sure it is due to a querystring length because no matter the screen resolution the AWeber click tracking link breaks in the same place ever time.

This screen shot is taken at 1280 X 1024 and is full size as it would be in my browser. You can click the image to see the full size screen shot of the Gmail email body center column.

Here it is at 800 pixels wide and it breaks in the same place.

I am sending Tom Kulzer a link to this today and I will publish his response to me if he allows me to.

If AWeber responds on their own site I will link to it and send you all an email to the fix (hopefully).

For now I am not going to be using the redirect links and simply linking without tracking to my landing pages.

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  1. Thanks for this news, Chris. It’s hard enough to get email delivered to the free services like Hotmail, Yahoo, and now Gmail (we won’t mention AOL).

  2. I have had a few subscribers state the links were broken.. Thanks!

    • Pete
    • February 25, 2009

    Really timely news for me as I’ve just put together a Rock Music antoresponder sequence on Aweber. So I have just made sure I’m not tracking the click-throughs, until this issues resolved. Much appreciated info.

  3. Eeek! Thanks for the headsup – just shared it with my network.


  4. Hey, dude – thanks for the heads up! Seriously! Much obliged!


    • Chris Lang
    • February 25, 2009

    Just thought of something, it could have been sent from a mobile phone browser.

    I have an email into the original recipient to see if he will give us more info.

    Be back with more tomorrow or will update here.

    Chris Lang

  5. Gmail does __not__ break AWeber click tracking links.

    The problem outlined in this post is a direct result of the first sentence. “one of my subscribers replied to my email”. The line feed and break in the URL was created when the user replied to the email. Links sent from AWeber will work fine in Gmail. This has been tested by our support team and by myself personally within the last 10 minutes.

    • Chris Lang
    • February 25, 2009

    Thanks Tom, I did add the update to the end of the post immediately after I got off the phone with your people. Great staff you have there.

    Tom, one question: Is it possible that this came from a mobile handset and thru the mobile version of Gmail?

    As I said above I have an email in to the original sender to find out more.

    Thanks for you and you staff’s quick response on this.

    Chris Lang

  6. Thank you for the “heads up”

    • Drago Bubic
    • February 25, 2009

    I’ve experienced the same problem already a couple of times, when I sent test emails from Aweber account to my Gmail address.

    The first time it happened was in my test email on the 11th this month, while the 2nd time the same thing happened on the 17th this month.

    I saved those emails, so I’ll probably contact Aweber about it.
    I must say I didn’t realize this until I just read your posts.

    Drago Bubic

  7. Great tip. I’m setting up my first site that deals with hand crafted creations of my own.

    Setting up an Aweber account is vital for me. I don’t have an official email for my site yet so a gmail account will have to do.

  8. Hi

    I receive email newsletters from Dps Digital Photo School and every aweber links fails to load in the Android stock browser. No forwarding just following links in original email.


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