Sane Inbox Spam Filter is a very popular time saver in the Inbox. It creates two inboxes for you upon your adding the app, to both Gmail and your cPanel webmail.

By who you have in your address book, who you have replied to and sent mail to in you sent folder, SaneBox can filter important communications to your Inbox and the rest to the SaneLater folder. SaneBox also can create the SaneBlackhole folder, where definite spam is deleted from now on as soon as it is delivered.

If you live in your business Domain based email like I do, then this is one handy tool. But it is not heavy handed like most all-seeing all-knowing spam filters. It is highly trainable, easy to manage for the average user and always “Asks first” before taking any action and even contacts you ever few days via email to be sure your getting the right email in the right folder.

Animated image of Sane Inbox drag and drop features...

Sanebox has 3 main features

One-Click Unsubscribe

Drag an email into the SaneBlackHole folder, and you’ll never hear from that sender again (it goes straight to trash).

Response Tracking

SaneBox notifies you when an email you sent was not replied to by a certain time, so you can follow up.

Snooze Non-urgent Emails

Place an email in a Snooze Folder and SaneBox will place it back in your Inbox when it’s convenient for you.

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