The Rebirth Of Email Marketing: Five Influencers Say…

Marlon Sanders in his newsletter said “Your #1 Goal in 2015 Is To Get A List

Mari Smith quoted in her newsletter last week:

Headshot of Mari Smith “The past year has seen the ecosystem of email newsletters, be they daily or weekly, really come into its own.” -And- “The best newsletters function as expertly annotated versions of Facebook run by people we actually trust.”

Darcy Moen markets and entire system for local dry cleaners to use email to engage customers– Check out Dry Cleaners University! (and yes, I am encouraging Darcy to share more with us as to how local business can use email marketing)

Chris Brewer, President DCS Local said recently:

Headshot of Chris Brewer “I just finished a training on the top musts for your marketing in 2015. At the top of my list was email delivery. I’ve watched the giants fall one by one by not paying attention to the complexities of inbox delivery. Whether your list is 150 or 150,000, you must pay attention to the experts on this.”

Ryan Lee Sent This To His List Over Christmas:

Headshot of Ryan Lee For years, we’ve heard about the death of email as social media began to take over…

“Build your Facebook fanpage!”, they shouted.

“Get more Twitter followers!”, they yelled.

How did that work out for you?

I had a coaching call with a client who had over 200,000 REAL Facebook “fans”. When I asked if he gets a good response with an offer to that page – he said, “not at all. virtually zero sales”.

Virtually overnight, the way your posts are seen by your fans changed. And only a small fraction actually see what you post.

The smart marketers never stopped building their list. And never stopped cultivating relationships with their list.

I’m seeing a shift back to list-building and away from focusing entirely on social media. And I believe that shift will continue.

But what will separate marketers with cold, unresponsive lists from active lists will be the content and frequency of your emails.

I’ve been experimenting with my emails in both “Internet marketing” companies and my health companies – and the results have been eye-opening.


The biggest change with email marketing has been the way your subscribers read your messages.

Think about the way YOU read emails. There’s a good chance you read, at least, some of your emails on your phone.

Because of so many of your subscribers reading your message on their phone, email marketing is changing. The length, formatting and even your “call to action” links must be evolve to meet the changing times.

You must evolve – but yet stay nimble.

You must continue to build your list – but still focus on quality communications. And communicate in a way knowing HOW they are reading your messages.

Do this.. and your 2015 will be a very good year indeed.

Much thanks goes out to Ryan Lee for allowing me to reprint this! – Chris

And last but no least, Jack Humphrey added this:

Headshot of Jack Huphrey “If you just go through the motions with email marketing, you might as well forget it. If you plan to nurture and care for your subscribers like a precious garden while building your list, you will eat well for as long as you want.”

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always taught clients to use social media to generate traffic back to your website and to join your email list. Real sales happen with email.


  2. Hey Chris!
    Thanks for grabbing my quote…great information and thanks for sending it along!
    Chris Brewer

  3. Hi Chris, I am pleased to see that your valued “friends” are still very actively using e-mail as their main source of maintaining contact with their subscribers and contacts. I also maintained my mailing list and gave up trying to use the “social” sites as a source of business a long, long, time ago when I realised that the results were poor considering the amount of time taken to maintain those list. This is not to say that I don’t still use the social media, but it is much lower down daily my priority list.

    Geoff Lord

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