Gmail 5.0 Wants All Your Email

On a post from the Android Police blog, Google says they won’t be releasing Gmail 5.0 for Android until the official Lollipop Android OS release and update. (post is below the video)

While we won’t be distributing the updated Gmail app until the official update is released, we will be sharing a goody from the new onboarding process, which shows some of the new awesomeness coming to the app in its overhaul.

IMPORTANT: Notice this app is using the Gmail tabbed, Social, Inbox and Promotions tabs. Will this be the default with Gmail 5.0 for Lollipop Androids? Watch the video again now, closely…

Also notice in the App store, Gmail currently has 1.5 million reviews and somewhere between 1 billion and 5 billion installs.

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    • Geff
    • October 20, 2014

    Gmail threading & the “3” tabs both cause problems for average (non tech) users. There are people I deal with daily who never see emails due to gmail threading & there lack of knowledge of how to turn it off.

    At this time, I recommend both Yahoo & Hotmail over gmail, as evil as they are.

  1. Yahoo and Hotmail suck… I would NEVER recommend them over Gmail… main problem is the spam issue, where emails never make it to Yahoo and Hotmail. They are both known to block more email types, at the server, so even your settings in Yahoo or Hotmail will not help you whitelist something if the message does not get past the servers. Gmail on the other hand has algorithms that allow your spam box to be trained, and there are settings to whitelist people. It is the only system that assures you will get your email messages. On top of that, Gmail is more feature rich, is easier to use, has more addon’s and tweaks to make it do anything you want… it can be a central place to do everything.

    Plus… you can actually already get your email from any other email account. I can use POP settings to get email from my Outlook email, if I really wanted to, but I do not see the point. The reason I have my outlook box is to log into microsoft, log in on my surface, and also to communicate with microsoft for my office 365, and to use the old msn box as a junk box, since I have had the email address for 10 or 15 years or however long it has been.

    Yahoo is just a junk mine at this time and not useful for anything except perusing to see if there is something of value in it. But I could also set POP to pull that email as well. Only, previously there was a cost if I am not mistaken to use POP on Yahoo, that was a premium feature… so even if I wanted to, I was not bound to pay for it. Unless that was MSN that had it listed as a premium feature before, OUTLOOK launched and took over the email and made that a free feature.

    Anyway, point is, I can already get my email from my legacy accounts, should I want to, using Gmail, because that is the power of a superior free email product. I use POP settings now. I am not so sure what is new exactly.

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