Gmail Promotions Tab Grid View How To

Pinterest for the Gmail Promotions Tab; That is what most are calling the new image grid view

UPDATE: Unfortunately this trial was cancelled by Gmail. The Gmail Promotions tab imagery will not become available

Using these options currently available to email marketing lists, here is what an email from ESPN might look like:

Screenshot of ESPN email in the Gmail Promotions Tab gridview

Here’s the skinny on how to create images, brand logos and text within this new Gmail feature:

The new layout offers 4 sections: Featured image, the Sender Image that is pulled from the G+ page, the email Subject line and the From name.

Gmail promotions tab gridview layout suggestions

Featured image: The featured image must be at least 580px x 400px

Sender image: This is the image profile from the Google+ verified page that you want to display on your Gridview tab.

Subject: 75 characters or less to avoid truncation

Sender name: 20 characters or less to avoid truncation

Larger images will be resized to be as small as possible while ensuring both its dimensions are greater than or equal to the corresponding dimensions of the available area.

Both the sender name and subject line would of course come from your own email fields.

So far the Gmail specification for Gridview only mentions JPG files. Don’t ask me if you can use a GIF file with animation yet, we don’t know. I actually hope not!

Currently enabling this feature in your own Gmail Promotions Tab is only available via the Gmail Promotion Tab field trial here…

The full specification with both JSON and Semantic markup for Gridview is available here…

The easiest method for most marketers to add this code to their emails is going to be with semantic markup and that can be found on the developers page link above by clicking the “Microdata” tab.

Google developers Gmail Gridview semantic markup

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    • vegard
    • March 26, 2015

    Good update, Chris. Hope you are well. I back in Ohio again today.

  1. Fantastic post, Chris! Very helpful info! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up on that one Chris. Looks like this may be a useful tool to have a play around with later.

    • Stuart O'Neill
    • March 27, 2015

    Chris: This looks good if the image gets opened.

    Do you know if we can link the image to another site? I assume we can still put a link in the message area. Correct?

    • Bambi Blair
    • April 1, 2015

    Very interesting. Images have been for ever and are now a focus and the future of advertising and marketing. Again Very Interesting. Thanks Chris I am pondering the possibilities.

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