Happy 15th Birthday Gmail

15 years ago, Google launched Gmail. Originally, believed to be a Google April 1st / Fools Day prank. Marketers vowed to never use it, saying “Ads in our Inbox? Not on my list…” Of course, those ads are no longer in the Primary tab- You fight them for “above the fold” in the Promotions tab now.

Even as late as 8 years ago, marketers were still blocking Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. Not believing free email was worth squat. Today, as Verizon continues to consume AOL and Yahoo, soon we will see the big 4, become the big 3. And I believe, fueling even more Gmail use.

Four years ago, I surprised most of you, saying Gmail makes up 40% of your list. Today, think 60% to 70% of fresh lists. And Gmail demands that list be fresh. The gigantic lists of the Guru days are gone. While inaccurate thoughts of removing non engagers quickly, causes you to chop your list off at the knees. Because you are unseen in the Promotions tab…

The wild wild west of email is gone my friend. Interactive email, more like chat is the future. So, if there is room for email into the 2020s, Gmail is by far the future of the medium. So, let’s wish this darn near monopoly on your list- Happy Birthday!

And see what Gmail has in store for today, as not all Gmail April 1st posts are pranks.

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