Email Whitelist Generator Case Study

Do Email Whitelist Instructions Really Work?

Or are they a waste of time? Here is the proof, absolutely still the best tool there is when getting to the Inbox-


Screenshot of Clean Food Crush thank you page...



So on a thread on Facebook, a friend of mine asked:

Anyone have a “best practice” thank you page designed for getting your emails inboxed? (i.e. what instructions have you put on a thank you page that has increased the chances of your emails getting kept out of the spam folder?)


Do you know if people are using the whitelisting page to whitelist their email addresses?

So I reached out to Cory Shanes, who uses my instructions for clients quite often.

I asked him if he had Google Analytics “Time on page” data he could share publicly. And what he showed me in a 30 day period was quite amazing!

Screenshot of traffic to a email whitelist generated page...

  • While the 2,697 unique views out of 1,213,252 unique visits was low
  • The page is a sales letter, so pageviews are very high
  • Average time on page was 4:32
  • Data above is for 30 days
  • That is huge!

To sum that up, In 30 days: 2,697 people who opted into the list, viewed the whitelist instructions and spent an average of 4 minutes, 32 seconds on the page. To me that says 2,697 subscribers took the time to follow the instructions.

Even Cory agrees that is a huge number via our chat;

Especially when this is every 30 days, month in, month out…

So where does Cory use the whitelist instructions?

Since I can’t link to the thank you page itself, here is how they use the instructions:

#1 They link to them right at the top of the thank you page-

Here is a close up of the link on the thank you page. The above-the-fold screenshot was featured at the top of this article:


Close up of Clean Food Crush thank you page...


Clean Food Crush uses this very pretty branded page generated by the Email Whitelist Generator.

You can see Clean Food Crush opt in in action here…

Next I asked Cory how else Clean Food Crush uses their whitelist?

#2 They use the whitelist instructions page as a support solution-

Image of Cory Shanes Whenever any of our customers mention that they’re having trouble receiving emails we send them a link to the whitelist page, this solves the problem for about 80% of the issues with receiving emails that pop up… – Cory Shanes

Why is this all important?

Because email addresses at AOL, Microsoft ( and Comcast are some of the toughest emails to deliver to. And often these 3 properties comprise 30% of your optins and your list.

So ignoring these addresses as junk has been common place for a decade. It’s time to stop doing that and get it to the Inbox with whitelist instructions that normal every day people like Clean Food Crush subscribers quite obviously find valuable!

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