Big Email List But No One Is Buying?

In Gmail Spam? And Losing Money-

Open Rates Single Digits And Dying?

Hi, I am Chris Lang--

So I bet you are wondering how a 50 year old, washed up social guru became the #1 email delivery expert... Right?

Here's my story, you tell me if we are a fit...

10 years ago I was an SEO guy, and I used Social Networks to get top Google rankings.

Back then if you wanted to bury your competition with top Google rankings?

You wanted Chris Lang telling you where to digg.

A real hands on guy, I took Google algos, tore them apart and put you at the top.

The big SEO firms started calling me an expert.

I was getting the big JVs, my list was blowing up, So what could go wrong eh?

Suddenly in September, 2008, Trend Micro listed my site as a phishing spammer~

"A false positive" they called it...

Just like that the sales STOPPED! My emails -once my life's blood- were in the spam folder.

And those big SEO firms? Well they quit returning my calls shortly there-after.

Most businesses would have been dead, and myself along with it.

But not me, instead of just jumping Domains like anyone else?

I decided this would never happen to me ever again, and not to anyone else I knew either.

So I spent the next seven years, driven to know everything I could about email delivery.

Then in 2015 the phone rang, it was Marc Goldman. The old school email master.

Now I was working for guys like Russell Brunson, and killing it in the Inbox.

But Marc Goldman told me "There is way more on the path to the Inbox" than what I already knew...

It was like I was being called. And it was GOLD calling!

Marc and I built Send13, our email platform, and then Klean13.

Finally armed with the exclusive pieces; The real data your Autoresponder does not share?

Secretly I had a theory:

  • AI Machine Learning
  • Identity
  • Whitelisting
  • Super Engagement
  • Interest
  • Deep List Analysis
  • List Enrichment
  • Secret Reputations

Trillions of Terabytes of information grinding against each other...

Kicking up algorithmic hits everywhere.

It was my greatest hit!

I quitely began using 8 super secret appications, to put my top clients in the Inbox.

Image of Dean Graziosi

"Chris is an email magician. There really isnít a better way to describe him."

"He truly obsesses on how to take your deliverability and 10x it."

"Before our team met Chris, we were having absolutely no luck increasing our inbox rates. Now, our emails are getting opens like never before! My team loves working with him, and our bottom line thanks him. If you have the chance to work with Chris or use his software, I highly recommend it."

- Dean Graziosi -

Now the guy that invented the Inbox was smart, Real Smart

But the guy who intevented the Spam Filter was a Magician

And it takes a Magician to decode Magic...

Some people even call me a Genius

Image of Chris Brewser of DotComSecrets Local

There are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals...

"In the internet marketing space there are many smart people. I've had the pleasure of working with and conversing with some of the greats in our industry. In all of my conversations and interactions there are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals."

"Chris constantly astounds and amazes me with his insights and depth of technical understanding of email marketing and organic search optimization. I have recommended Chris to several A-listers in our industry and they've always thanked me for referring Chris."

Chris Brewer - DotComSecrets Local

Forget Magician or Genius - Does Chris Lang Get Results?

Then let me go to work fixing your email deliverability, your placement at the Inbox and get your engagement, open rates and click through rates back where the belong.

I will work with your current team, or become your newest most valuable team member. I offer the best references in the business, Ten years of experience in all facets of delivery, Eighteen years of online marketing experience and --I specialize in Gmail's latest highly personalized tabbed Inboxes.

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Let's set up a personalized email consultancy project and retainer tailored to your specific needs!

But No Email Consultant Is Complete

Without Actually Sending The Mail

Inboxing Millions of Emails A Day

But Before You Inbox - That List Has To Be Kleaned

Klean13 - Just One Of 8 Ways
I Get You Back To The Inbox

But Wait, I'm Not Done

Image of Matt Trainer

"I've been a large volume mailer for over a decade. THE BIGGEST problem we've had with delivery is keeping our lists clean from spam traps and all the other "gotchas" in list hygiene. I've tested every list cleaning solution I could find. Every service I found left me without a real long term, infinitely-scalable solution."

"Chris and the Klean13 team have changed the game. They created a real solution that just works. It made my lists A LOT smaller than my ego wanted, but at least I know the lists I have now are clean and not an anchor on our inboxing. Thank you Chris for all you do. You saved our email business."

- Matt Trainer -

Sure- There are 20 different forums where you can ask for help about preventing spam filter blocking or curing blocking you are currently experiencing. There is much to be learned there and some great advice offered...

But- There is an unbelievable difference between giving me, Chris Lang, full access and knowlege of your business, your sites, your landing pages and where and how you send email, and free advice. A massive difference in fact.

"Every email list has a big Secret
Some are just harder to find than others..."
- Chris Lang

Every business and email setup is different and every angle that I can increase your email delivery and engagement from, takes unique perception. I get on your lists, I dig deep into every aspect. I look at everything you have from both the perspective of your subscribers and the machines you are sending your emails to and from.

No matter what you are doing, selling, promoting or just driving traffic to great content; I can always find hidden problems. Things like unsecured servers and hacked sites you forgot about. Even hidden blocking a blacklist check did not surface or often a secondary product that is pulling spam button clicks that tarnishes the rest of your email delivery.

Think of me like your own personal private detective here, that knows all the facts. In return I can get to the bottom of problems you probably did not know you have. I can save you time and money before as always, the blocking gets worse and begins costing you endless headaches later and lost profits. Later taking far more money out of pocket to fix and repair your reputation...

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