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If you have a problem with email marketing or are looking for genius-level advanced assistance Chris Lang is your guy.

Posted by Felicia Slattery on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Image of Chris Brewser of DotComSecrets Local

Our business has employed Chris Lang's services for over 5 years

Chris has the unique qualities of being highly intelligent, while also warm hearted and relating to others as an average guy. This is an unusual but very work friendly combination of qualities in the tech world.

Internet marketing is somewhat like the wild west, rough and tumble with the frontier changing all the time.

Chris rides this terrain like a pro - always with an eye on current opportunities and never wasting too much time lamenting gold rush frontiers that have passed.

In this terrain there are no real experts except for those who are skilled and experienced enough to let go of any pre-conceived idea of rules and who are always ready to play with and master what is new and shows promise, while consolidating what remains vital in keeping a business relevant and viable.

That takes courage and skill but also a childlike sense of adventure and inquisitiveness - both of which Chris bring to the game.

Our business values Chris as a core team member and recommend his consultancy and email delivery services to anyone serious about their long term success online.

Email has been attacked on so many fronts over the past 10 years that it has become something of a marketing Rasputin - except that unlike Rasputin, email will continue to stand. I firmly believe Chris has his eye square on the prize in this and that email will remain the central core of any successful online business well into future, no matter what other technologies appear and disappear in this ever changing technological land.

Kim Cooper - The Love Safety Net' Talk Radio

Image of Chris Brewser of DotComSecrets Local

There are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals...

"In the internet marketing space there are many smart people. I've had the pleasure of working with and conversing with some of the greats in our industry. In all of my conversations and interactions there are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals."

"Chris constantly astounds and amazes me with his insights and depth of technical understanding of email marketing and organic search optimization. I have recommended Chris to several A-listers in our industry and they've always thanked me for referring Chris."

Chris Brewer - DotComSecrets Local

Image of Cory Shanes...

The only thing better than Chris Lang's advice is his consulting page..."

This must be what it's like when Chris Lang comes to "fix" your email delivery!

- Cory Shanes

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to get in touch with you and tell you that your new ebook, "Get It To The Inbox" is nothing short of amazing!

I haven't even finished reading it yet, and already it is by far the best ebook on email delivery I have ever seen!

Anyone who is serious about their email marketing efforts MUST grab this information.

Thank you for writing such an informative guide.

- Michael D Price http://WhitelistWiz.Com

Image of Kenneth Carlos...

I wondered why my newsletter never seemed to improve. I was looking around for some guidance and found Chris from EmailDeliveryJedi.com. I signed up for his program and it has been a real eye opener.

My newsletter has been steadily improving since working with Chris. I highly recommend his program to anyone running their own newsletter or using a service like Aweber.

Ken Carlos, Owner of Sweepstakes Advantage

I had a 30 minute conversation with Chris because we were having problems with our domain sending and receiving emails. He was extraordinarily informative and very knowledgeable on the subject of emails and how they are delivered.

Any business thinking of sending emails from their server should defiantly buy his e-book.

It is defiantly worth it. I feel like Iíve been in the dark for so many years and after talking to him I had an epiphany. Excellent work Thanks Chris.

Thanks - Aaron

I am really grateful to have found Chris' web site. Over the last 4 years, the sales from our opt in only newsletter have dropped by several hundred percent, almost entirely caused by false positives from spam filters. Until now, there has been no one out there to help legitimate businesses like myself who have been devastatingly harmed by these filters. We've already ran & implemented Chris' techniques to educate our customers on how to get us past their filters, & have received lots of helpful info.

Even when I found Chris' site through Google, I never expected a real person to take the time to answer my questions!! I look forward to learning as much as possible to save the business I've worked so hard to create.

Thanks Chris! - Geff Ratcheson - Dandylion Records

"I have been subscriber to Chris' newsletter for quite a while now. It is amazing how using the techniques he sends regularly increased the response from my list - I must say those tips are priceless!

Anyone serious about Email marketing should sign-up for Chris Lang's newsletter. Without a doubt one of the best email marketing newsletters that actually helps you actively increase deliverability rates."

- Lior Reuveni - IntelliMailer Systems

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